Hooked on porn? Hope is here.

Reborn Ministry helps men overcome pornography addiction and its effects through confidential support and fraternal accountability.

We can help.

Reborn is an accountability group for men age 18 and older who desire to break free from the bonds of pornography and are ready to take the necessary steps. Reborn provides confidential help and support from men who know the struggle firsthand and have found hope and recovery in each other and in Christ.

How it works


Call any one of our ministry liaisons below or email us to get started. Currently we have seven founding parish partners, but all men are welcome to join! Reborn is completely confidential—we’ve been there, we understand, and we are ready to help. The first step is the hardest: contact Reborn today!


Our men’s accountability group meets every other Monday, 7-9 PM, on the lower level of the historic church in St. Michael. Meetings include large-group and small-group discussion and prayer. All men are welcome, but the program is rooted in the Catholic faith and sacraments. We’ll walk with you every step of the way,


Each man is assigned an accountability partner he can count on for support, prayers, encouragement and feedback. We also encourage men to receive the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion and consider spiritual healing through Unbound Ministry. You don’t have to do this alone.


Recovery is possible.

For many years I felt I would never overcome my struggle with pornography.  It was only through God’s grace that I found men who drew me near Christ—and He transformed my life. I am here to tell any man who feels that overcoming pornography is not possible, it is. It happened to me, and it can happen to you, too!


A priest told me if I was serious about quitting my porn habit, I should tell someone and ask for help. I didn’t do it—until the next time I bottomed out. Having someone to talk to, who would check in with me and hold me accountable, changed everything.


Let’s get started.

Call one of our ministry liaisons below or email reborn@reborn-ministry.org today.

Dcn. Mike Engel – 763-306-5586

Dan Dupay – 763-271-3072

Eric Russek – 763-843-2371


Now is the time.

I was involved in pornography at a young age and was not able to break free from its powerful grip. I found myself faced with one of the most important decisions of my life: do I continue to live as Satan was calling me to by harming myself, my relationships, and my future spouse? Or do I step up, strive for purity, and become the man God is calling me to be? Not a single day goes by that I regret choosing the latter.


I felt alone, ashamed, and hopeless as I was trapped in this addictive sin for many years.  Our priest gave a homily, which shed light onto my soul and made me realize that the Devil was behind this, holding me down. Upon realizing what was truly happening, I decided stand up and no longer let the Evil One control this part of my life.  I started to frequent the sacrament of Confession and was soon freed from this sin.



is here.